SAP Business All-in-One


Gain an integrated view of business processes to better manage financials, inventory, human resources, product development, sales, and marketing.

SAP Business All-In-One ERP manufacturing software offers industry-specific functionalities designed to help midsize companies boost operational efficiency, strengthen customer relationships, and enhance business agility.

SAP Business one All In One

Optimize financial performance, drive business growth, and maintain high-caliber operational practices. Rapid and reliable deployment saves time and helps to reduce costs and project risk.


SAP Business All-In-One business intelligence capabilities allow users to implement tools for best-practices reporting and analytics to meet the requirements of financial accounting.

  • Runs on SAP HANA in-memory database at record speed.
  • Offers a personalized, user-friendly experience on multiple devices.
  • Helps to boost financial performance with tighter internal controls and deeper insights.
  • Aids in developing new business models by connecting with people, networks, and devices in real time.
  • Reduces IT overhead with SAP HANA built-in efficiencies.
  • Fosters effective management in all aspects of customer relationships from generating leads to closing deals and post-closing follow-up.
  • Solution functionality helps to solve industry-specific challenges.
  • Speed - Manage massive volumes of organisational info at high speed. Since it is readily accessed from RAM, reduces overall waiting time on receiving required information. It also promotes to have instant access to large number of facts as it is based on parallel query processing.
  • Agility - Real-time interactions enable software users to easily interact required details. Digital scenario therefore gives better performance to users.
  • Any Data - Gain insights from structured and unstructured abstracts.  Column oriented data storage allows for accessing at any time. It displays requested result at faster rate without considering its size whether it is large or small.
  • Insight - Unlock new insights with predictive, complex analysis. Simple insight gives out easy guidelines to access required materials.
  • Applications - Run next-generation functions. Mobile applications allows for viewing records from any location.  Centralized system gathers and displays results within short span of time.
  • Simplicity - Manage fewer layers and landscapes at lower costs. Integration of our system helps to retrieve details across complete modules of organisation.
  • Affordable - SAP cloud platform is affordable to all range of enterprise from small to large. Effective technology prevents data loss thereby saving time and money on managing diversified activity information prevailing in an industry.
  • Flexible - Cloud structure is flexible to use according to user specifications. Options can be defined by them to view required details. Automated system is applicable to prospect data from different sources.