Six Sigma Green Belt

Green Belts are employees trained in Six Sigma who spend a portion of their time completing projects, but maintain their regular work role and responsibilities. Depending on their workload, they can spend anywhere from 10% to 30% of their time on their project(s). GB is 2 weeks classroom training with a 6-8 weeks gap between each week of classroom training for applying the tools learnt in first session


  • Understand Six Sigma Methodology and how it applies to their day-to-day work
  • Obtain knowledge and techniques required to assist Black Belts in their company’s Six Sigma projects
  • Ability to identify and implement small-scale improvement projects

Skills Gained :

  • Knowledge of the “anatomy” of a Six Sigma project
  • Learn and practice tools essential to achieving Six Sigma Breakthrough
  • Have full command of the tools critical to measuring and analyzing complex problems
  • Equipped to guide project teams in learning when and how to use the problem-solving tools in the Six Sigma process
  • Skilled to identify and resolve chronic problems and avoid costly deficiencies.


Curriculum :


  • Lecture 1.1 Introduction to Six Sigma Methodology Locked 0m
  • Lecture 1.2 Process Mapping Locked 0m
  • Lecture 1.3 Brainstorming Techniques Locked 0m
  • Lecture 1.4 Basic Statistics Locked 0m
  • Lecture 1.5 Data, its types, collection and presentation Locked 0m
  • Lecture 1.6 Graphical Methods Locked 0m
  • Lecture 1.7 Making Sense of data Locked 0m
  • Lecture 1.8 Distributions and their uses Locked 0m
  • Lecture 1.9 Measurements Systems Analysis (MSA) Locked 0m
  • Lecture 1.10 Failure Modes and Effects Analysis (FMEA) Locked 0m
  • Lecture 1.11 Correlation and Regression Locked 0m
  • Lecture 1.12 Hypothesis Testing Locked 0m
  • Lecture 1.13 Simple 2 level & 3 level design of experiments (DoE) Locked 0m
  • Lecture 1.14 Process Optimization Locked 0m
  • Lecture 1.15 Mistake-Proofing Locked 0m
  • Lecture 1.16 Statistical Process Control (SPC) Locked 0m
  • Lecture 1.17 Process capability analysis Locked 0m
  • Lecture 1.18 Case studies and examples are used to allow participants to experience real situations Locked