What We Do

Assessment & Recommendations

We assess, analyze how to block infiltration in the system. We determine how to make your information technology infrastructure robust so as to defend from cyber attacks and make your business operate free of hackers and attackers. We assess entire IT systems in place, assess technology infrastructure for vulnerability, to determine how easy it is to infiltrate through security walls and we then provide tailored recommendations based on these findings.



Traditional infrastructure designs does not usually take into account the unique needs of every organization’s security architecture, it needs deployed holistically with your security program.

We help you with an array of deployment services from designing a secure environment, to installing the needed software and hardware, as well as configuring the technologies properly and effectively.



The growing Internet security sector requires an in-depth understanding of cyber security issues, and fundamental Internet architecture and protocols. We design customized training modules based on the assessment of the infrastructure and tech resources engaged in managing environments within your organization. We are experts in the field of training of cyber security solutions. We design training programs for support level to C level executives.We identify lapses and implement customized training to make organizational teams strong and we are leaders in tailored training solutions.

Our Corporate Cyber Security Training Program provides the key concepts of information security, technical and practical skills necessary to secure, protect and defend network infrastructures and an organization’s valuable data assets. Participants will gain an in-depth understanding of cyber security concepts, industry best practices for information security and key security concepts to protect an organization against fraud, data breaches and other vulnerabilities.


Staff Augmentation

We understand that sometimes the success of a project is reliant on the ability to secure the resources with the expertise needed to implement a successful strategy. Using a strategic approach to technology staffing we organize technical and management staff augmentation and we place our focus on corporate training sessions within our client’s environment.

Our employees hold active security clearances, with leading industry certifications and are available to secure your assets and networks.  These individuals are cleared, experienced and certified staff members who possess a wide range of experience from personal and professional backgrounds across various industries. We deliver top cyber security talent where and when you need it and we remain involved throughout the process.  


Vendor Risk Management

Many organizations are highly dependent on third-party vendors for services. However, relying on a third-party vendo, it also means that a third party will be handling confidential data and information about your organization ed by which could potentially lead to serious consequences.

it is therefore imperative to have a sustainable and scalable vendor management framework that ensures best-in-class management processes and performance across various vendor services. Implementing such a framework ensures that all vendor-related risks are mitigated and vendor management processes are well defined as per industry-leading practices.


Forensic Services

We examine, analyze, extract, and preserve evidence after a cyber attack to determine or identify suspicious/fraudulent events from a digital storage device that can be presented in a court of law. Cyber crimes have increased rapidly due to the evolution of computers and mobile phones. Forensics services are highly recommended after any cyber attack. It allows the organization to learn how the intrusion occurred, what the damage was, and who the intruder might be.

CSU has a ready and fully prepared forensics team able to perform an investigation based on the an organization’s needs including (but not limited to) mobile forensics, computer forensics, and digital forensics.


Identity Access Management

In a constantly changing information technology environment and with the rapid adoption of business models (such as SaaS, PaaS, Cloud, BYOD, etc.), major security challenges have emerged as to whether the right users in your organization have access to intellectual property, networks, or resources. Zartek Cyber Security provides an identity and access management service to ensure that the right personnel gets the right resources the right way and for the right reason.

For instance,organizations that have a bring-your-own device (BYOD) policy in place, makes the management of  the services and devices more complex for administration, as some employees may have more than one device. In order to stay compliant, An effective identity and access management system can help the organization to manage all devices, as well as mitigate the security risks that posed.


Managed Security Services

Threats for an organization increase rapidly when a service is outsourced to manage security issues of network devices and systems such as firewalls, intrusion detection systems, intrusion prevention systems, antivirus software, virtual private networks, etc. This impacts businesses from a financial, customer, regulatory and brand standpoint.

We can help in solving these challenges faced by organizations. In order to get ahead, your organization needs to restructure its risk management program and align it with the business vision.


IT Governance

IT governance emphasizes Information Technology Systems, their risk management, and its performance. It ensures that the investments made on IT yield fruitful results, which mitigate IT-associated risks and threats. EGS can also help an organization to align IT governance with the business strategy to achieve maximum efficiency out of Information Technology Systems by implementing strategic goals.

Business transformation is the key to new business models in both sectors (public and private). With an evolving business strategy, IT design must also evolve, by preventing the potential for risks that could lead to the disruption of an organization’s operations. Our IT governance helps in balancing the risks by implementing the industry’s best practices in order to have more control over ensuring regulatory compliance.


Security Strategy and Transformation

The establishment of a security plan that is based on your business strategy, ensures that the information systems within your organization are safe and secure from any intrusion that would cause damages to the organization. Security strategies and transformation are built to meet your organization’s cyber-security vision.

Security strategies involve both cyber-security and information security merged with organizational controls. Cyber-security strategy is always aligned with business strategy not only to maximize the revenue, but also protect the organization’s assets as well as its reputation.