Six Sigma Yellow Belt

Typically employees trained in the basic Six Sigma tool that participates on project teams. Supports the goals of the project, typically in the context of their existing responsibilities. YB is one-day classroom training.


  • Deploy six sigma tools at the grassroots’ levels.
  • Equip the participant with the ability to monitor process performance and the sources of variability in them.
  • Equip the participants to collect data and report it in an appropriate manner.
  • Develop an understanding of the impact of variation in individual process on the bottom line, the overall business and eventually customers.

Skills Gained :

  • Basic understanding of the fundamentals of Six Sigma
  • Basic process management skills
  • Basic usage of fundamental Six Sigma tools
  • Participants gain the skills necessary to identify, monitor and control profit eating practices within their specific processes.

Curriculum :

  • Lecture 1.1 Introduction Locked 0m
  • Lecture 1.2 What is Six Sigma Locked 0m
  • Lecture 1.3 Why implement Six Sigma Locked 0m
  • Lecture 1.4 Six Sigma Roles, Responsibilities and Organization Locked 0m
  • Lecture 1.5 The Enemy Named Variation Locked 0m
  • Lecture 1.6 Special Causes Vs Common Causes Locked 0m
  • Lecture 1.7 Hands-on Exercises Set #1 Locked 0m
  • Lecture 1.8 First Pass Yield and the Hidden Factor Locked 0m
  • Lecture 1.9 Seeing the Enemy in Action Locked 0m
  • Lecture 1.10 Process Improvement Tools Locked 0m
  • Lecture 1.11 Process Flow, Input Process Output and Cause and Effect Diagrams Locked 0m
  • Lecture 1.12 Pareto Chart. Run Chart and Control Charts Locked 0m
  • Lecture 1.13 Development of SoPs Locked 0m
  • Lecture 1.14 Histogram Locked 0m
  • Lecture 1.15 Introduction to FMEA Locked 0m
  • Lecture 1.16 Hands-on Exercises Set #2 Locked 0m
  • Lecture 1.17 Removing the Effect of the Enemy Locked 0m
  • Lecture 1.18 Measuring Cost Of Poor Quality Locked 0m
  • Lecture 1.19 Converting Variance Reduction to $ Savings Locked 0m
  • Lecture 1.20 Maintaining the gain with SPC Locked 0m
  • Lecture 1.21 Summary Locked